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Web site modules, developed for the transport industry, but fully customisable. Online job applications, time sheet generator, and Digital Tachograph Tutorial. Constructed in Classic ASP.
HGV vacancies. Truck interest, trucking stories, movies and more. Trucks and Trucking
available LGV Drivers, LGV vacancies, HGV Medicals. Trucks and Trucking Digital Tachograph Tutorial. CPC. EU rules, HGV regulations. LGV vacancies, LGV Drivers

Web Site Modules

LGV vacancies. Trucks, truck stories, movies and more
HGV City home page. LGV Drivers, LGV vacancies Companies and Agencies requiring LGV Drivers LGV Drivers seeking work Current Traffic Information. Motorway delays Driver's Hours. Working Time Directive Digital Tachograph Tutorial Truck Pictures Trucking gossip and humour Trucking Movies HGV City Drivers Forum. Drivers hours, tachographs, vehicles, continental driving, etc. Log in to HGV City Driver Register or Digital Tachograph Tutorial
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These web sites modules are available for purchase.

Modules were originally developed for the transport industry but their Classic ASP construction allows easy customisation to other industries or requirements. Modules can be set to use local web site templates.

Data can be saved to an online SQL database, such as Access or SQL Server, or to a remote, (office?), SQL Server if there is a suitable connection.
Online data can be viewed, downloaded as Excel, Access, or as required.

Depends on amount of customisation although overall prices are usually lower than the larger agency rates.
Please send an outline of your requirements, modules you are interested in, and your web site address, if available.

If you need a web site, please fell free to contact us for advice on domain name(s) and Windows hosting.
Do not pay exorbitant rates: We can recommend cheap and reliable domains and hosting.
Including hosting on multiple clustered servers as used by corporate web sites.

About Classic ASP.
Classic ASP requires a Windows server.
Classic ASP is leaner, cleaner and faster than .NET or PHP but skilled use requires a higher level of programming expertise.
It is also more versatile and much easier to customise or improve.
  Online Applications
    A simple, attractive and easy to use form.
Use of check boxes, etc., means the applicant will not be put off by too many text boxes to fill in.
Data is emailed and CC'd to specified email addresses. Can also be saved to a database.
HTML or plain text emails. HTML email does not use images as these can trigger spam filters.
Screen shots.
  Time Sheet Generator
    Allows input of data for current, last and previous weeks.
Header, or title, can be set or selected from a list.
Calculates hours, records notes or information.
Data is emailed to the the company, the user, and can be CC'd to specified email addresses.
HTML email does not use images.
Latest update, info, screen shots.
  Digital Tachograph Tutorial
    How to use digital tachograph, a tacho card tutorial with tachograph simulator.
Using the tacho card, tachograph symbols, digital tachograph error codes.
Printable reference pages for cab use.
Screen shots.

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