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Transporter 2, Jason Statham - Trailers, Photos
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Transporter 2
The Best In The Business Is Back In The Game  

"Prepare for an adrenaline-pumping, no-holds-barred stunt fest” – The Sun
"Outrageously entertaining” **** - Nuts

Transporter 2 is yours to buy and rent on DVD by Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment on 27th March.  

Jason Statham returns in his signature role as fearless ex-mercenary Frank Martin, (aka The Transporter), a specialist in moving precious cargo of all kinds with a cool style and attitude.

Now transplanted to Miami, Frank faces even greater tests of his skills while trying to fulfill a promise and simultaneously crush the master plan of a gang of ruthless villains, including one especially deadly and striking blonde.
Extreme car and jet-ski chases, thrilling fights and electrifying action sequences prove that The Transporter is more than just the car he drives.

A non-stop action thrill ride coming to DVD you will want to add to your collection

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