Transport template 10: Web site available based upon this template. Ongoing good quality work for good HGV Drivers with major companies. HGV Drivers wanted for ongoing and expanding contract work.
Sometimes you just need a hand...
(or a cheap, one page, web presence).


If you know what you want to say, but cannot afford all the bells and whistles, etc., this may be the answer.
Cheap and very simple!
Different backgrounds available.
Lots of truck pics. Owner drivers, could use a good picture of your truck.

For cheapness, this template style is not restricted to one company.
But the graphics, however, would be different for each web site.

Copyright overlays would be removed.
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Copyright 2011 M.C. Dubin
(Normal content would be keyword rich).

The bug first hit me when I had opportunities to drive such venerable old things as the Ford Thames 4D.
Later it was crash box double deckers, Scammell coupled artics, and then on to 5th wheel artics.
And it was c 95% handball!

Main skill requirements then were, roping, sheeting. ability to change a wheel by oneself, and to mend a broken injector pipe when miles from home.

For a short period, in the seventies, I was an driving an ancient Magirus Deutz, hauling rough timber, in Germany.