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Transport web sites by a transport professional. Templates shown here. Supporting pages: Driver's hours, Regulations, Working Time Directive, Digital Tachograph Tutorial, Time Sheet Submission, truck interest and more.
HGV vacancies. Truck interest, trucking stories, movies and more. Trucks and Trucking
available LGV Drivers, LGV vacancies, HGV Medicals. Trucks and Trucking Digital Tachograph Tutorial. CPC. EU rules, HGV regulations. LGV vacancies, LGV Drivers

Transport Web Sites for Sale

LGV vacancies. Trucks, truck stories, movies and more
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Web sites specifically for the transport industry.
If you need a transport orientated web site, it would seem sensible to use someone from the transport industry, rather than an outsider. Especially if you want to keep the cost down.

Transport web sites might be just a simple, one page, web presence, up to a major multiple page site with things like HGV Regulations, Working Time Directive, online time sheet submission facilities, Digital Tachograph Tutorial sections, etc.

One needs to be objective; what does the web site need to do?
From this we evolve the keywords or phrases to target. And to keep Google happy, these keywords need to be used a lot in the content. Google runs on content, good content = good listing.

A web site needs a domain and hosting on a web server. Substantial savings can be achieved by NOT doing this through a web agency. All you have to do is to pay low annual or monthly fees directly to the domain registrar and the web site hosting company.
Having your own domain and hosting is much cheaper than paying for a fully managed web site and can easily be set up for you.

Anyway, you supply the information and any images you may need including.
What can you offer? What are your best selling points, etc.
I build and upload your web site to it's host. I can set up the emails on your domain as well.

These transport web sites are not bought in templates from any commercial supplier and are not, therefore, available anywhere else. The images used within the pages may vary to suit that page's content, (lots of transport images available). Each transport web site for sale is not sold to more than one company.
I am adding more transport web sites.
Existing web sites can be transferred to a new transport web site and the content preserved.
You need to be objective.
An owner Driver, with a steady supply of work, may just need a simple web presence. Basically, info about the driver and vehicle, location and contact details. References or testimonials help.

A Driver agency, however, needs to attract Drivers.
To do this listing on Google is essential; Part of my job is to get the web site listed on Google.
Indeed, one of my web sites was recently 'Starred' by Google.
Domains and Hosting
This can easily be set up for you.
Then all you do is to pay direct to the domain/hosting company. They will email you when due.Or you can just use a DD.
The domain will be registered in your name.

Other options may entail you paying through the nose.

It is possible to get domains and hosting from the same company. This may simplify things like ongoing payments. Some hosting companies offer a free domain with hosting.

For domains you pay an annual registration fee.
.COM domains are cheaper bought outside the UK, (from US$7.99 a year).
.CO.UK are cheaper in the UK, (from c £2.99 a year).

Good quality, cheap hosting can be found on a monthly or annual payment basis.
One has to be wary of ending up on an overcrowded server, or on a server that hosts bandwidth hogs, but, generally, the quality is good.

Domain Scams
Domain renewal emails, from Domains of America, are an outright scam.
Flash is available but is only used to achieve recognised objectives.
(Flash, when used in transport sites, tends to be just gimmickry. It often downgrades a web site.)
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Originally from a mechanical engineering background, I progressed into computer programming. However, I found this far less interesting than working in a drawing office on truck diff's and trailer axles. So I often did periods of HGV driving.

I have been producing web sites since they were mainly text, and transport web sites from around 2000. These have included hgvcity.com, tachotutorial.com, and numerous web sites for Driver agencies in the west country.

I have some 25 years experience in programming, and then web sites, plus, since 1968, I have spent a total of around 15 years behind the wheel as a HGV 1 Driver.
My degree was in Mechanical Engineering.

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