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Terms and Conditions

LGV vacancies. Trucks, truck stories, movies and more
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HGVCity.com is an independent transport web site.
HGV City has no connection with, and is not sponsored by, any UK transport concern or agency.
HGV City supplies services and information to HGV Drivers and transport concerns.
The term ‘publisher’ refers to HGV City.

These terms and conditions shall be deemed incorporated into every insertion order, space contract or non-contracted advertisement given to the publisher unless specifically modified in a written agreement signed by the publisher.

In respect of prepaid advertisements, the publisher agrees to display accepted advertisements for a period of one year, subject to payment of the appropriate fee.
Publication of an advertisement implies acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Whilst the publisher undertakes to take all precautions against such as Denial of Service, (server), attacks, etc., the publisher cannot be held responsible for problems caused by such

Advertising material can be submitted by Clients for publication.
Alternatively, advertisements can be compiled for Clients, by HGV City, using stock photograph and graphics.
In this later case, copyright remains the property of HGV City.

Artwork, photographs or any other material submitted to HGV City, is published with the express understanding that the advertiser and/or advertising agency is fully authorized to use, publish or cause to be published these materials and has secured the appropriate written consent for use of such materials.
Further, the advertiser and/or advertising agency agrees to indemnity and holds harmless the publisher from claims, injury, liability loss or expense of any nature arising out of such publication damages or loss.
The publisher reserves the right not to accept an advertiser’s order.

Obviously, HGV City can not display any material that may be deemed, ageist, racist or sexist.

Advertising text can be updated by sending replacement text to HGV City.

Only publication of an advertisement shall constitute final acceptance of the advertiser’s order.
The publisher is not bound by any conditions or instructions, printed or otherwise which conflicts with provisions of this contract.
This contract shall be bound by the laws of the United Kingdom.
Advertise for HGV Drivers on HGV City

Adverts placed by HGV Drivers:
This is a simple adverting service and HGV City bears no responsibility for any contracts entered into by Drivers.
Drivers have access to, and can edit, their adverts.
Adverts containing bad language, swear words, etc., will be removed.

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