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HGV vacancies. Available LGV Drivers. Tachograph Tutorials. Motorway delays. HGV Regulations. HGV Drivers hours. Using transport fridges. Lorry routes. Trucks
HGV vacancies. Truck interest, trucking stories, movies and more. Trucks and Trucking
available LGV Drivers, LGV vacancies, HGV Medicals. Trucks and Trucking Digital Tachograph Tutorial. CPC. EU rules, HGV regulations. LGV vacancies, LGV Drivers

HGV vacancies. LGV Drivers. Tacho Tutorials. CPC. Trucks & Trucking

LGV vacancies. Trucks, truck stories, movies and more
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HGV vacancies
HGV Drivers wanted, LGV jobs, HGV vacancies
HGV jobs by area and company:
See LGV vacancies page. HGV jobs listed by area, with contact telephone numbers, web sites, email, etc. HGV vacancies.
URGENT: Bristol - ADR Drivers needed
Best rates. Please contact Bruce on 07811 871 859
North Somerset

HGV Drivers wanted HGV Drivers wanted for LGV vacancies. Quality fridge/tanker work for good LGV Drivers. Assistance with HGV Driver CPC for own HGV drivers. www.CK2JDrivers.co.uk

Available HGV Drivers
HGV Drivers seeking work, available LGV Drivers, HGV Drivers by area, freelance HGV Drivers
The HGV City Driver Register is a free access database of HGV Drivers seeking HGV jobs.
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This facility allows you to specify the type of job, location, etc., that you are seeking, and 'Hide' your details when you are not seeking work. A working email address is required for companies to contact you. You can also display telephone numbers if you wish. HGV Driver's Register (click)
HGV Driver Information
Lorry Routes. Cornwall, Devon, Glos, Leic, Oxford, Suffolk, Warks, West Sussex, Wilts, Worcs, London  HGV vacancies
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HGV Drivers Time Sheet.
This free time sheet facility allows HGV Drivers to submit a weekly time sheet online.
FREE. Allows HGV Drivers to submit their weekly hours to their employer or agency. Daily, POA and WTD hours calculation.
Copies to office and driver. HGV Drivers Time sheet
Finch Group Offers Telematics Package For HGVs
Microlise, the telematic platform provider, has been working in conjunction with Finch Group, the specialist motor fleet insurer, to offer an impressive new telematics package called FITS (also known as Fleet Insurance Telematics Solutions). This scheme has been created with the intention of helping to reduce the expense of premiums for HGV operators who want to manage the costs of their insurance in a proactive manner. Improvements include linking a new 24 hour claims centre to the data transmitted from the vehicle telematics. This means the Finch Group team will be informed almost immediately about any strange driving activities, so they can provide a quick first notification of loss (sometimes referred to as FNOL).

The transferring of this data and the style of managing the information straight after an incident has occurred is completely unique to FITS. It also means that HGV operators who take out this insurance package will be able to benefit from a reduced level of claims and costs, which, in turn, means reduced premiums and broking fees.

The telematics scheme from Microlise would be suited to the chosen needs of each customer. As well as reducing the cost of premiums and the errors in accident reporting, companies will also have the option of being able to improve their efficiency in both driver and vehicle performances.

Additional features include real time journey management and proof of delivery, giving companies the chance to gain valuable insights into how well their drivers and vehicles are doing. These stats and figures can be used by transport managers to see which drivers could potentially be at a higher risk of being part of incidents, thus allowing them to plan ahead and put measures in place, before claims are made. It is thought that this sort of insurance cover would help deal with the number of HGV accidents that occur on a yearly basis. On average, 20% of fatal accidents in London occur between cyclists and HGVs, when the HGV is making a left turn at a junction. There are a quarter of accidents that result in serious injury to cyclists when HGV and other large vehicles, such as buses and coaches, pass too closely to the rider. It is also worth being aware of the visual disorder guidelines that apply to HGV drivers, as these can sometimes lead to accidents if they are not met.

Another report, commissioned by the Campaign for Better Transport, found that over half (52%) of the fatal accidents on motorways involve HGVs, even though these types of vehicles only make up 10% of motorway traffic. HGVs are also involved in 1 out of 5 accidents on A-roads, with this ratio getting worse over the last few years and a HGV is five times as likely to be part of a fatal accident on a minor road when compared to other types of traffic.
Digital Tachograph Tutorial simulations,(v 1.3 & 1.4)
Simple Digital Tachograph Tutorial with simulations and printable reference pages
Interactive tachograph simulators, (v 1.3 and 1.4).
Printable information sheets.
How to use the digital tachograph, reference sheets, tachograph usage cab guides, tachograph symbols, print-out explanations, Digital Tachograph Error Codes.
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HGV vacancies or LGV vacancies ?
HGV vehicles are regulated by weight not size so, whilst LGV is the politically correct term, HGV is technically correct.
LGV or HGV ? We have to use both for the search engines.
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Drivers hours, tachograph, vehicles, etc
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Drivers hours, tachograph, vehicles, etc

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