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Recommended lorry routes, Cornwall, Devon, Glos, Leics, Oxford, Suffolk, Warks, Worcs, West Sussex, Wilts, London. Lorry routes may also be referred to as freight networks, freight routes, advisory routes, etc.
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Lorry Routes

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  Cornwall does not provide a proper lorry routes map. This map does show the main, preferred routes. Cornwall Routes.
Devon www.devon.gov.uk
Below are a number of leaflets/maps to help companies and their drivers deliver goods to towns in Devon more efficiently. Lorry servicing routes, industrial estates and lorry parks are included.
  Newton Abbot Freight Route Maps (with printable versions)
  Gloucestershire Freight Route Maps
  Oxfordshire Lorry Routes. City centre restrictions.

Suffolk Lorry Routes. Suffolk County Council produce a lorry routes brochure specifically for HGV Drivers.

  Warwickshire Lorry Routes. Good sized maps from Warwickshire County Council. Town plans.
West Sussex
  West Sussex. Brochure also provides information such as lorry parks, web sites, etc.
  Wiltshire Lorry Routes. Lorry routes and numerous town plans.
  Worcestershire Lorry Routes and town plans
  London Lorry Routes. London Lorry Control Driver Guide.
South West
  South West Regional Freight Map. Published by Somerset County Council. PDF, 956Kb.
Most people know the term 'lorry routes' and what that term means.
Trying to find lorry routes, however, can be problematic.

You have to know what the council for the area is calling them.
i.e: freight network, freight routes, advisory routes, preferred routes, etc.

Here we bring together the more easily found county lorry routes.
If you know of any others, please contact us.
Most map downloads are PDF, (.pdf), files.
Your browser can probably open PDF files.
If so, just use 'Files' > 'Save As..' to save it to your computer.
PDF files are best opened with Adobe Reader.
Pages can then be enlarged or printed.
Download free reader.

Using 'Print Screen'
It is possible to print the PC screen you are viewing.

1. Centre the map or content on your PC screen.

2. Press the 'Control' and 'Print Screen' buttons together.
Note: The Control button may be labeled 'Ctrl'.
The 'Print Screen' button may be labeled 'Prt Scr' or similar.

This will copy an image of your current screen to your clipboard.

3. Open a graphics program and use 'Paste' or press 'Ctrl' and 'V' together.

4. Save the image file.

You should be able to rotate, crop, resize or print as required.

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