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FTA: Tips for HGV Drivers

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You should always make sure you comply with the law in all areas, but in particular make sure you:
Carry out your vehicle defect check every time you take over a vehicle - you will get penalty points along with fines if you use a vehicle with defective brakes, steering-gear or tyres
Know your load is safe, secure and not overloaded - you will get penalty points along with fines if you use a vehicle that is dangerous because of the way in which it is loaded
Comply with all the rules on drivers' hours and records -you could be fined by fixed penalty up to £200 for every infringement, or more if it is taken to court
Obey all traffic rules and always watch your speed
Never use a hand-held phone when driving and make sure you always have proper control of your vehicle
Keep the address on your driving licence up to date (you could be fined £ 1,000 for failing to do this anyway) - otherwise you could be asked to pay a deposit of up to £900 at the roadside
Always comply with requests from enforcement officers -obstructing them is a serious criminal offence
Remember that you have IB days to decide whether to accept a fixed penalty - consider taking legal advice if you are unsure
Remember that you are not obliged to make formal statements without legal representation
Never drive a vehicle that has been prohibited and never interfere with an immobilisation device or notice
Always inform you manager as soon as possible if you are stopped at a roadside check

Is your driver's licence up to date?
Nearly 8 million motorists (one in five) are risking a £ 1,000 fine because the addresses on their driving licences are inaccurate. Address details can be updated online (visit wvAv.dvla.gov.uk) or by completing the relevant section on the counterpart licence.

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