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  Black Dog - A really good trucking movie!
Watch Trailer
One of the best trucking movies ever?

Patrick Swayze is an ex-con, and an ex-truck driver with a reputation for getting through no matter what.
Randy Travis comes over well as his side-kick, and an aspiring country singer.
And, of course, Meat Loaf is just evil!

Anyway, Swayze is tricked into pulling a trailer load of illegal guns, and then gets caught between the two evil villains, both after the load of AK47s, etc.
His powerful Cat' engine shows it's strength when the baddies make several attempts to stop him; numerous spectacular crashes, etc.
And he fights on...

This story is too good to spoil with a full description, but watch out for a maniacal Meat Loaf when all seems to be cut and dried.
HVG City Review
Black Dog [1998] [DVD]
Men at Work Men at Work - Charley Sheen, Emilio Estevez Watch Trailer
You might regard these guys as real slobs.
The live in a high rise apartment block, and have binoculars by the windows. And an air rifle.
They are a direct contrast to the lovely lady they eventually become involved with.

Anyway, they work together as refuse truck operators.
And they are expert at making as much noise as possible, in the very early hours.
Until they discover the body of a city councilor in a dustbin.

Under the false impression that they were responsible for his death, they cart the body around through numerous bad situations, getting deeper and deeper in the muck.
All this time, they are accompanied by their psychotic, war veteran, cop hating, supervisor.
And are being chased by a couple of incompetent hit men.
Until they end up 'in the can'.

Anyway, they eventually manage to stop the dumping of toxic waste and expose the baddies.
A good film with plenty of laughs.
HVG City Review
Men At Work [DVD] [1991]
Hell Drivers Hell Drivers
Hell Drivers sees James Bond (Sean Connery), Doctor Who (William Hartnell), one of the men from UNCLE (David McCallum), the Prisoner (Patrick McGoohan) and a Professional (Gordon Jackson), all supporting Stanley Baker in this hard-as-nails British action picture realistically set in a bleak late-1950s England.

Baker plays Tom Yately, an ex-con who takes the only job he can get; truck driving at breakneck speeds for a corrupt manager (Hartnell) and brutal foreman (McGoohan).
The constant short runs and competition between the drivers makes for an intense atmosphere which inevitably explodes into violence. Baker's only friend is an Italian ex-POW played sensitively by Herbert Lom, while Peggy Cummings is a remarkably free-spirited heroine for a British film of the time.
Baker himself is superb, quietly tough, and broodingly charismatic, McGoohan is compellingly malevolent and Hartnell simply chilling.

The film is consistently engrossing and often exciting, even when the plot spirals into melodrama towards the finale.
One has to wonder where the police are during all this mayhem, but the fact that the screenplay, by John Kruse and Cy Endfield, received a BAFTA nomination suggests the scenario was at least reasonably realistic.
Endfield also directed this, the second of six films he would helm for Baker, the most famous of which would be the all-time classic, Zulu (1964).
Amazon.co.uk Review

Even in the tiny genre of films based on songs, Convoy is a strange effort--CW McCall's 1977 CB radio-themed novelty hit was just a collection of trucker slang, but here it is gussied up by Sam Peckinpah (no less) as a big rig reprise of The Wild Bunch with Kris Kristofferson as trucker outlaw hero Rubber Duck and a wonderfully oversized Ernest Borgnine as "Dirty Lyle", the "bear" who hates "breakers" and finally decides to call in the National Guard to help him enforce traffic laws with machine guns.
The plot is almost invisible, as Rubber Duck and his breaker buddies just up and decide to trundle their lorries across the Western States in a dash for Mexico (no one ever mentions delivering their loads to intended destinations) and becoming such a folk hero that the creepy governor (Seymour Cassell) tries to cash in. Kristofferson and Borgnine were old Peckinpah hands, as is heroine Ali MacGraw (a characterless photographer) and sidekick Burt Young ("Love Machine" aka "Pigpen"), and there's a lot of business about cops and outlaws who mirror each other, but the main attraction is the visuals--huge trucks rolling across desert roads in clouds of dust, police cars crashing through billboards, trucks demolishing a corrupt small town.
There are traces of road-movie melancholia in the depressed cafes, jails and laybys where free spirits are broken, but it's still mostly a cash-in on Smokey and the Bandit with a few rags of poetry tossed into the mix.
Amazon.co.uk Review
Burt Reynolds stars as the Bandit in this seminal portrayal of rough-ridin', beer-swillin', sheriff-dodgin', trouble-chasin' truckers.

The Bandit's has taken on his craziest haul yet: a trailer full of Coors beer. If he can deliver the goods from Texarcana to Atlanta within forty-eight hours, he'll be $80,000 richer. Hilarious mayhem ensues, however, when the Bandit falls for a runaway bride (Sally Field). As they push toward Atlanta, the two have to evade Fields' vengeful father-in-law, Texas Sheriff Buford T. Justice (Jackie Gleason as the maniac Smokey of the title).

The stakes get higher and the car chases more frenzied in this hysterical romp through the American highways. Charismatic performances by Reynolds and Gleason made this a huge box office draw. ITA winner. Academy Award Nominations: Best Film Editing.

Amazon.co.uk Review
Can't help liking it!, January 15, 2006
Reviewer: chezzyd from Swindon, United Kingdom

It is easy to forget that in the 70's Burt Reynolds was a HUGE star and the CB radio was on people's Xmas present lists. Along with Smokey and the Bandit, the Cannonball Run shows Reynolds at his entertaining, larger than life, macho best. I shouldn't like this film but I do. Silly, bawdy, un-PC but laugh out loud funny with people like Sammy Davis Jr and Roger Moore obviously having a whale of a time. It looks as if they all had great fun making this film, and it shows in the performances. My favourite characters have to be Dom Deluise as Captain Chaos, and especially, the Doctor. I can't help it, whenever he appears in the film and that music starts to play I just crack up laughing. I think of films like this as the American equivalent of Carry On films, part of you cringes at them but part of you loves them for their irreverence and their ability to encapsulate a particular time and place in our culture. If you like this film you must check out Smokey and the Bandit because Jackie Gleason is a joy as the evil Buford T Justice..
Clint Eastwood Every Which Way But Loose / Any Which Way You Can
Release date: February 27, 2006
Region 2 encoding (Europe, Japan, South Africa and the Middle East including Egypt).


Two features. 'Any Which Way You Can' and its prequel 'Every Which Way But Loose' which finds fist fighting legend Philo Beddoe (Clint Eastwood) attempting to live out a quiet backwoods retirement with his mother (Ruth Gordon), his girlfriend (Sandra Locke) and his mischievous orang-utan, Clyde. Some mobsters who routinely pit black widow scorpions against each other for kicks, however, want Philo to go into battle with a friend (William Smith) who just might be the only man Philo can't take down.
This sequel goes even farther than the original in its uncommon combination of children's entertainment and bare-knuckle action. Also included are biker gangs, raunchy humour and bold sexuality featuring both the elderly and orang-utans.
Stunt director Buddy Van Horne masterfully stages the final bout between Eastwood and Wilson, one of the most brutal sequences ever in a PG-rated film.
Eastwood teams with Ray Charles for a memorable honky-tonk number, 'Beers To You'.
Amazon.co.uk Review
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